How To Become An English Teacher In Thailand

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” By C.S. Lewis – Let’s go teaching in Thailand


Becoming an English teacher in Thailand is one of the most popular ways to legally live in the Land of Smiles and stay there long-term. Every year thousands of people apply for teaching positions in Bangkok, Chiang Mai and other towns and cities. Despite the strict visa regulations Thailand receives a steady stream of English teachers all the time. Low cost of living, weather and laid back atmosphere makes this country a perfect expat destination.

There are 77 provinces. There are more than 30,000 education institutions but we will only place you in the top selected 100 high schools and 50 universities we have to offer in nearly 60 provinces. We will help you find the right school/university as well as accommodation. Teaching in Thailand will be such a great opportunity because you will also get a chance to travel and explore the country. We have beaches, sunshine, nature, culture, historical sites, temples, city life, best food, and smiley beautiful people. Most importantly, this happiness does not cost much because the cost of living in Thailand is not high. We will make sure you will live well and safely here.

English Teachers in Thailand earn generous salaries and live comfortably because of the living cost. Teaching in Bangkok could be your life experiences or teaching in Phuket could be a great year ever or teaching in Chiangmai will surely be fantastic. What we want to say is that teaching in Thailand will definitely be a memorable time for you.

English Teacher In Thailand
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Our placements range from elementary, middle, high school, and university. It could be in either private or public institutions. However, you could tell us your most preferred province or just leave this to us. You will earn a monthly salary between $900 and $1500 (dependent on location, teaching experience, and institution types). Our Thai high school system starts from mid of May to the end of September as semester 1 and from early November to around February as semester two. The international schools and universities run the same as the western schedule.


As being locals, we know our people, our culture, our language, and our country. We know good schools and universities. We know our Thai teachers and students. We know we will place you at the right school/university in the right location. We know where to go, where to live, and where to eat. We know where to find your accommodation. We know you will have a good time with our local students. We know what you should and could do while you are with us. We know how to teach and explain cultural differences. We know how to help you deals with any challenges and difficulties. We know how to take good care of foreign teachers. We know how could have everyone live well and safe. We know that we have to be available to support you 24/7. We know that you will have a wonderful time here.

English Teacher In Thailand
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We are a passionate education company. We provide study abroad service to Thais, a study in Thailand for foreigners and the most important one is recruiting best teachers for Thai institutions. We are helping foreigners finding great teaching positions in Thailand. We are a local team and we have good connections with many education institutions because we have been working with them for years. We are also welcome to internship students from English native speaking countries.

Thailand is the best place to do a final-year internship (last year of the university). We will make sure everyone will live here safely and happily. We provide support 24/7. We believe that work together with travel is a good mixture to fulfill your soul. Teaching in Bangkok or working in Phuket could be a well worth job for you. If you are thinking of becoming an English teacher in Thailand, here is how you can make it happen.


  • School/ University Placement
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  • Orientation


English Teacher In Thailand
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If you want to work in Thailand the first thing you need to have is at least a bachelor degree in any subject. You don’t need to be a teacher by profession. You can be an engineer, a software developer or an artist. As long as you have a confirmation of a degree you are good to go. Nowadays many schools look for math, chemistry and physics teachers, so if you can teach one of those subjects it is an additional advantage as the benefits and pay are much better.

Most of the schools in Thailand look for native speakers, but if you are from a different country and have a good knowledge of English, have required papers, then there’s nothing to stop you. It will probably take you a bit longer to find work, but it is not impossible. If you are not a native speaker, but have a British, or a US, passport then you can apply for jobs in Thailand as a native speaker. For more information >> click


The easiest way of applying for work is to send your full resume and portfolio with photo to email info@tonyeducation.com (There is no application fee because your school will pay for you), we will start from that. About the application process >> click

“Jobs fill your pocket. Adventures fill your soul.” by Anonymous – Let’s go teaching in Thailand

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