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“Studying in a university abroad, a life-time investment”

     If you are looking for an option to further your study in a university abroad, it’d be one of your best investment decision in life. Not only improving your skills academically, It will be a great chance to expand your horizon of vision, learn to cooperate in multinational environment and culture as well as establish your network of connections and friendship internationally. Besides, you may also discover your hidden competency meanwhile.

     Regardless your motivation going to university abroad, whether it is to further your education, to follow your dream study plan, to gain more experience living abroad or to increase your potentials in your field of work, you can rely on Tony Education to assist you in planning your university abroad program to satisfy your requirements and goals.

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If you are looking for the answers of these inquiries

  • What will be the best destination for me?
  • Which university abroad should I go?
  • When should I apply for the university?
  • What are the qualifications and requirements to enroll in my desired university?
  • Is it necessary to take a foundation course?
  • Do I need to have any work experience?
  • How to get a visa for my course?
  • Can I do a part-time job while studying?
  • What type of accommodation can I find there?
  • How much budget do I need to prepare to cover the course?

     We are ready to provide you our best and sincere advice starting from finding your right destination. Taking into account your personality, lifestyle, purpose of your study and budget, we will help you figure out the university and study plan that suit you the most. In addition, we will also deliver you our experience living abroad and share you some more helpful tips to smoothen your university abroad pathway.

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Interesting countries

เรียนต่อต่างประเทศ, เรียนต่อมหาวิทยาลัยต่างประเทศ, เรียนต่อประเทศไหนดี, เรียนต่อมมหาวิทยาลัยอังกฤษ, เรียนต่อมมหาวิทยาลัยอเมริกา, เรียนต่อมมหาวิทยาลัยออสเตรเลีย, เรียนต่อ ป.ตรี ต่างประเทศ, เรียนต่อ ป.โท อังกฤษ

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