Tony Education Camp

Tony Education Camp

     Tony Education Camp is one of the services that the Tony Education team, as a travel and education provider, is proud to offer. We provide camps and learning activities outside the classroom for schools and universities including camps and field trips for high school students, university camp, English Camp, Academic Camp, CSR social activity camp, volunteer camp, and field trips. We strongly believe that learning should not be limited just in the classroom. Field trips and camps will help develop academic skills, life skills, and build good relationships between students and teachers.

     The camps and excursions we serve are both held within the country and abroad. Here are some examples of past activities and camps: Group excursions outside the classroom and various joint activities with Japanese students at a high school in Tokyo. Japan, a group of Thalang excursions and local culture learning. Phuket Province, Mangrove Planting, Garbage Collection, and Volunteer Cleaning at Bang Pu Temple Samut Prakan Province, learning activities outside the classroom at Bang Krachao And environmental conservation youth camps, etc.

     In addition to field trips and English Camps, Tony Education Camp also organizes academic and guidance camp activities that are not only fun but also interesting and in the best interests of the students, such as engineering camps (Introduction to Engineer) for middle school students that focuses on students to learn about the world of engineering, to inspire the students to pursue their goals for further study at the high school level. We also offer a Preparation Camp to the World Engineering (Engineering Preparation), which is a collaboration between Tony Education and leading universities in Thailand to help prepare high school students who are interested in the field of engineering, with an emphasis on getting to know the world of learning and working to become an engineer.

     Not only the word of engineering, we also prepare other camps and field trips that are interesting for high school students such as Architecture Camp, Doctor Preparation Camp, Camp for students in Arts and Preparation camp for business owners, etc.

     Tony Education Camp strongly believes that it is best to combine in-class learning and real-life experience outside the classroom as well as the opportunity to have hands-on experience. We therefore place great emphasis on the design of camps and activities as well as event locations meticulously to help children discover their potential, preferences, interests, aptitudes And get the most value benefits from participating in camping activities with Tony Education Camp

Some of our previous camps

T.U.P Integrated Camp Art & Craft Theme

Tony Education Camp บางปู

Tony Education Camp บางกระเจ้า

T.U.P in Phuket 2020


ค่ายเปิดโลกวิศวะฯ รร.สามเสนวิทยาลัย (รุ่นที่1)

Bangneaw School English Camp 2021 (IEP Program)

Bangneaw School English Camp 2021 (SM Program)

English Class Online Camp โรงเรียนสามเสนวิทยาลัย

How to create your own vlog camp

ค่ายบูรณาการ Science - Math โรงเรียนสามเสนวิทยาลัย

ค่ายนักเรียนโครงการห้องเรียนพิเศษ วิทยาศาสตร์ - คณิตศาสตร์ โรงเรียนวัดสุทธิวราราม

ค่ายกิจกรรมพัฒนาทักษะภาษาอังกฤษ โครงการห้องเรียนพิเศษ ESC - MSEP โรงเรียนสามเสนวิทยาลัย

T.U.P. in Phuket 2023

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