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“Travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living” by Miriam Beard – Living in Thailand is comfortable and rather easy. Let us support you all the way.

     Thailand is one of most favorite countries in the world of several world travelers. Not only the country is blessed with tropical climate all year long, its people, its culture and its uniqueness are major contributions why living in Thailand is rather fascinating.

     Thailand is known for being a relatively low cost of living. It is on average 33.3% lower than in the United States. You can enjoy a typical scrumptious meal within USD1-3 budget anywhere. Thai cuisine is famous for the combination of flavors from fresh and fine ingredients. Besides street food that can easily be found everywhere, there are also variety of international food you can easily have at reasonable price, especially in big cities like Bangkok, Chiangmai, Phuket and several others.

     Your lifestyle can be another factor to your cost of living in Thailand. There are many mega-shopping malls, department stores, small shops, shopping streets and night markets in Bangkok as well as main cities in each region. It might cost more if you enjoy shopping, hitting the gym, going to a cinema or dining out at good bars and restaurants. However, it is still considered cheaper than it would be in the USA or European countries.

     Living in Thailand is a great experience. We have one of the best delicious food in the World. Our cost of living is on the lower side. Food in high school and university is acceptable. Our street food is one of the best in the World. There are also plenty of international restaurants everywhere. Finding a good accommodation is easy and most importantly you will get a chance to travel in one of the most visited countries in the World. It does not matter if you come for a GAP Year, Summer Program, High School in Thailand or University level, we will take care of your well-being of living in Thailand.

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