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“Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before.” by Dalai Lama – Start by going study in Seattle with us!!

     Seattle is the northernmost largest city in America. It is located on the west coast and it is just about 150 kilometers to Vancouver, Canada. The city is of economic importance to the country. There are many multinational companies, like Boeing, Microsoft, and Amazon that were established here in Seattle. The first famous Starbucks Brand was also launched here. Tourism is as important as Seattle is voted to be one of the best cities to live in the states and it does not only attract foreigners to visit ‘the city on Puget Sound’ but also American people themselves. The city is so scenery, surrounded by water, mountains and evergreen forests. There are plenty of coffee shops, many restaurants and a lot of tourist attractions. You can find many nice jazz clubs in the city center as well. Seattle is known as the home of many legendary musicians such as Ray Charles, Quincy Jones, Jimi Hendrix, and Nirvana. You must visit Pike Park, Jackson Street, and Space Needle, which is the symbol of Seattle. Study in Seattle will definitely be one of the most valuable time of your life.

เรียนต่ออเมริกา เรียนต่อซีแอตเทิล Study in Seattle

Studying in the romantic Seattle

     Despite being one of the most romantic cities in the USA, education in Seattle is also popular among international students. Students come from every part of the World to study in Seattle all year round. Starting from 2 weeks English course and many others, such as intensive English, TOEFL exam preparation, and university preparation courses. There are also lots of students coming here to study in colleges and universities. There are many good educational institutions that offer a wide range of programs. Together with the high education standard in the USA, all the characters of the city and people’s lifestyles makes Seattle one of the best places to study in the World.

เรียนต่ออเมริกา เรียนต่อซีแอตเทิล Study in Seattle

Living in Seattle

     Transportation in Seattle is all right. There are a city monorail and metro buses available. People like to walk or ride a bike to commute around downtown too. You can find almost everything you need in Seattle. The city becomes very international so there are various kinds of restaurants and groceries for international students to feel like home. Several options of accommodation are available too. You can choose to stay with a local host family arranged by schools, student dormitories, or shared apartments.

     There are so many things you can do after class or on the weekend. Sitting in a park with a book and absorbing the sunset panoramic view is the simplest thing you can take daily. You could also visit Mount Rainier for skiing, visit Leavenworth or take a long drive to Portland, Oregon for tax-free shopping. Its beauty of nature during summer can easily take your breath away. People are keen on international students and really friendly. You could become the happiest student if you choose to study in Seattle.

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