Why choose Thailand as a Study Destination for your Summer Program or Gap Year?

International students who study in Thailand can enjoy the opportunity of the fantastic education available here. Within a monthly budget of approximately 1,500 USD per month you can have the opportunity to study in Thailand, attend various internship programs offered throughout Thailand, recreational travelling and receive 24/7 support from our dedicated staff on site amongst our top tier of public and private schools and university network.

24/7 support study in Thaiiland

Plus, the fact that you can highlight and include in your professional portfolio or resume that you have lived, studied and worked in Thailand imagine what benefits it would bring to your potential employment in the future.

With Tony Education when you choose to attend our Summer in Thailand Programs or Gap Year your budget of 1,500 USD per month is well spent on the following:

  • An opportunity to join Thailand’s leading and top tier private and public schools and earn reputable credibility upon completion of program.

  • Another opportunity to be exposed to a new Culture and have friends and recreational traveling to see Thailand. Internship Programs are offered in a variety of activities to choose from Animal Sanctuary Caretakers, Marine Eco Life divers, Voluntary English teachers, Women’s Support Group, Children Buddy Programs, Dog Care/Cat Care Shelters unto Farming Sustainability/Agriculture Programs. We can customize your program for you during your stay.

  • Enjoying Thailand as a major tourist destination where students can enjoy travelling amongst nature yet also enjoy modern taste that cosmopolitan cities like Bangkok have to offer where the locals are friendly and accommodating to international students. Thailand is known for its safeness, popularity among younger crowd and affordable budget for even the most cost sensuous traveler.

Thailand has been a popular destination for international students to pursue studies in ecology, environment, agriculture, and development nowadays most our programs are taught in English allowing international students to immerse in the Thailand education system with no language barriers.

Much of the work in these areas in Southeast Asia is progressing in Thailand. – Thailand has some of the most beautiful visiting sites in the world. From Tropical beaches, waterfalls, riverside resorts, national parks unto picturesque mountains. Thailand has something for everyone.


money thai baht

Thailand has one of the strongest economies in Southeast Asia, and is experiencing rapid changes in modern society. With your foreign currency converted to Thai baht most students can afford a good lifestyle as the cost of living is extremely low for approximately 1,500 USD monthly which covers your whole program duration, making it the perfect destination for international students on a budget who want to make the most of their limited funds. Food is inexpensive, as little as $2 USD per meal, and other living costs are equally low.

Compared to other South Asian Countries like Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong China, your dollars converted can give you an affordable good lifestyle.


outdoor markets, shopping mall in thailand

Thailand is not all modernity, however. It is an eclectic blend of ancient and modern culture. In Bangkok and other major cities throughout Thailand, international businesses stand side by side with Buddhist temples and outdoor markets. Students can enjoy bargain shopping in the open-air markets until luxury five-star luxury shopping malls in most cities. Thais are familiar with accommodating foreign travelers and Thais are known for their hospitality fun loving and friendly nature.

Thailand exists as a dichotomy between its past and present, and each balances the other out perfectly, providing diversity and opportunity. Thailand is perfect for international students interested in history, as well as those with more modern tastes for the food, entertainment and shopping scenes.


Thai Food is famous worldwide and being in Thailand means that you get to taste authentic Thai food at street food process unto Michelin Fine dining. Students can find food available 24/7 and as less as 2 USD per meal or enjoy convenience stores like 7/11 or Fast-Food Chains like MacDonalds or KFC like for less then 5 USD per meal. When to comes to Street Food its even cheaper. In Khao San Road you can enjoy Pad Thai or Spring Rolls for less then 3 USD per meal.

Thai food is delicious, varied, and usually very cheap. It is also, generally speaking, healthier than what many international students are used to eating at home, with lots of tropical fruit.


study in thailand weather

Thailand’s weather is generally pleasant year-round. It is tropical, and generally experiences six months or more of blue skies during the dry season. This makes it a popular destination for students studying abroad during the winter.

Students get to enjoy the warm weather of July where the sun in out and that they can enjoy traveling and outdoor activities or just enjoying the tropical sunbath instead of the long depressing winter months while studying and traveling in Thailand.

Beaches and Islands

Beaches in Thailand are some of the most beautiful in the world, and no matter where you are in Thailand, you are never very far from a beach. Thailand’s islands are ranked one of the beautiful in South East Asia along with being popular diving sites both beaches and islands have accommodation that suits every budget and preference.

A lot of Hollywood Movies like James Bond, The Beach, The Hangover Part 2, The Impossible are a few Hollywood movies that reflect the beauty of Thailand’s beaches and island where students can have the opportunity to visit these places in person. The Island and beaches are open all year round to foreign travelers and safety precautions is priority for boat operators and accommodation providers along with the legendary full moon party in the island and other festivals students who love beaches and island will find their Study in Thailand or Gap Year a worthwhile and breathtaking experience.


Thailand’s location is the gateway to other Asian counties and with our internal infrastructure (highways, domestic low fare airlines, train, buses, sky train and metropolitan underground) traveling within Thailand is quick, affordable and efficient.

With transportations of various means available throughout the country it is easy for the student to travel within and around the region.

Thailand is located at the international crossroads of Southeast Asia, making it easy for international students who study there to explore Southeast Asia more fully. Many students who study in Thailand visit Cambodia, Laos or Myanmar after their studies are over.

These are a few yet strong points why you should consider Thailand to be your Summer Program or Gap Year and it would be a wise and cost effective solution for your money well spent by letting Tony Education provide you with our education programs Summer in Thailand commencing in July 2023 and Gap Year.

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