Why study in Thailand?

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things” by Henry Miller – Study in Thailand and you will see lots of new things.

     Thailand is the major hub of Southeast Asia with various attractions that reflect extraordinary culture and tradition. Thailand is ranked in the top 3 of the best country in the world to visit. Bangkok, the capital city, is one of the most visited cities of all time. There are other provinces such as Chiangmai, Phuket, Chonburi, and Krabi in top ranking as well. It is a destination that will surely offer something new to you every day while you are spending your time here. That’s why studying in Thailand will be one of your most memorable experience.

     Apart from the amazing attractions, Thailand has become one of the popular destination for education among international students, especially in Southeast Asia region. There are several high-quality institutions nationwide that are more than ready to host international students.

     Studying degrees in prestigious universities are also a great opportunity for you. There are more than 20 universities that are open for international students. Some universities are well known among the oldest universities in the world. Most of the courses are up to date and rather interesting. You will definitely find your best fit choice of study according to your preference at relatively affordable budget when study in Thailand.

     Fresh graduates, who are looking for an Internship Program as well as those who are looking for taking a Gap year in Thailand are highly welcomed. The tuition fee and the living cost are great advantages in Thailand. We will assist you with that and support you all the way. So why study in Thailand…a simple answer will be it is one of the best countries in the world.

Why Study in Thailand



     We have a large network of schools and universities across Thailand. There are more than 100 high schools and 50 universities in almost 60 provinces. They are well selected and ready to host international students. 

     Besides the assistance to help you with the enrollment and getting the acceptance, we also take care of your accommodation if needed. As your safety and wellness are our first priority, we recommend high school students to stay with our screened local host family. For university and gap year students, a campus-dormitory to a service apartment seem to be a great choice.


     It requires a student visa to study in Thailand. There could be lots of paper works and it can be an overwhelming and confusing process so it is better to have our expert teams handling it for you so that you could get it completed accurately and timely. It is the inclusive program we offer, therefore, the visa service is free of charge.

Why Study in Thailand


Why Study in Thailand

     Our team will be hands-on to help, advice, and answer any queries you may have. In case of any difficulties or emergency, we are on stand-by to provide you 24/7 assistance and support. We are here to support you right from the first day you arrive at the airport until the last day of your program.


     We totally understand that the difference of cultures and new environments will definitely impact your experience. To ensure that you gain the confidence to explore and experience Thailand comfortably, we will be guiding you through the orientations and trainings. Understanding this at the beginning of your stay will help you handle the culture shock and homesickness better so that you gain more time to fully enjoy your life-changing adventure while studying in Thailand.

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