How to get a working visa for foreign teacher in Thailand?

To be a foreign teacher, you need a permit to live in Thailand, if necessary. Work in public or private institutions.

  • In this case, the teacher must extend the visa in case of non-B visa purpose, expansion and expansion.
  • Visa renewal must have a work permit
  • Visa applications should be submitted for at least 30 days, and the maximum extension of work and life is one year. Considering the Immigration Department.

While waiting, you can live in Thailand.

The criteria for non-B visa extension are as follows.

  • Foreigners must be marked as temporary.
  • Schools are allowed to conduct business from relevant government departments, such as the private sector.
  • Certification and government agency requirements.
  • Educators must have qualifications or work experience, no more than 10% of teachers or teachers.

How to get a working visa for foreign teacher in Thailand ?

What are the documents for applying for non-B Visa renewal?

  • Form T.M.7
  • 1 photo size 4X6 cm.
  • Passport age not less than 6 months
  • Work Permit
  • Qualifications and results of TOEIC (600) or TOEFL (500) only for foreign teachers who teach English (in case of non-native speakers)
  • Certificate of employment (Teaching experience)
  • Withholding tax, Por Ngor Dor 91 and receipt
  • Teacher’s License
  • Certificate of alien access to the form of immigration office (Form 1)
  • Employment Certificate (department of employment) and employment contract
  • Certificate and request to stay from the school and the letter of approval from the government agency to appoint the teacher to perform the duties.
  • Registration of educational institutions and license of educational institutions or business registrations.
  • Details of educational institutions.
  • Educational institutions, photos while teaching books Foreign Teacher’s Teaching Schedule.
  • STM Type 2
  • If there is a family following, provide proof of family.

Work permit is a permit that is used for foreigners who have to come to work in Thailand. In order to operate a business, business or employee of all occupations, it is necessary to apply for a change in the type of enactment according to the Kingdom of Thailand law on foreigners traveling to work in Thailand. Non-Immigrant Visa “B” or Business Visa And when the seal has been completely changed You need to apply for work permit or work permit, otherwise you will not be able to work in the Kingdom of Thailand.

When foreigners applying for a visa Non-Immigrant Visa “B” has not yet applied for a work permit or work permit, you can apply for yourself at the Department of Employment, Ministry of Labor within 90 days after you have reached Thailand. According to the law allowing temporary residence in the Kingdom.

How to get a working visa for foreign teacher in Thailand ?

Details :

  • In the first application for visa extension, the visa officer will allow a 30 day working visa approval period of one year. Thirty days before the deadline, the passport will be retried. If the procedure is completed, it will be allowed. One year visa, but if the result has not been completed, the visa will be in 30 days until the result comes out.
  • After receiving a work visa, submit a report to apply immediately in Thailand every 90 days at the immigration office. If the application is delayed, the Bangkok regional office will be fined five hundred baht a day for Ho submission four times a year.
  • Foreign teachers must have work permit, work permit permit41 and work permit, only non-B visa 41.
  • When you need any reason to leave the country, don’t forget to leave the country before applying for re-entry. The Immigration Service (MST), which is allowed to re-enter Thailand, takes off at the nearest local or international airport. If there is no re-entry to the country, the visa will be automatically cancelled after leaving the country, except for those who hold multiple targets and there is no need to do so.

How to get a working visa for foreign teacher in Thailand ?

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