Why do foreigners love Thailand?

Thailand is a country that everyone wants to visit. It has become a destination for millions of tourists each year. Because Thailand is unique, has a unique culture and many stories That made them touch and feel impressed This leads to word of mouth and revisit at the same time as Caz Makepeace, an Australian woman who is a travel blogger. Have written an impression To Thailand Until making the world online I’ve shared a lot of this information with 13 Reasons Why I Love Thailand.

1. Freedom

Why do foreigners love Thailand ?

“I love that Thailand doesn’t seem to have rules. But even so, people can live with their responsibilities. And be generous to each other ”

2. Tastes

Why do foreigners love Thailand ?

Thai food is the only national dish that I can eat three meals a day. Thai cooking ingredients and ingredients Each of them didn’t seem like an edible item But when it comes to food Its taste will make you decide that this is the only food I will eat for the rest of my life. ”

3. Exoticness

Why do foreigners love Thailand ?

“Thailand is a very exotic and fascinating country. It’s different and unique. Whether it’s culture, celebrations, important dates, exotic food, beautiful beaches and charming people. ”

4. Friendly and fun people

Why do foreigners love Thailand ?

“Thai people are not very friendly to talk to strangers passing by on the street. Thai people respect their privacy. But whenever you interact with Thai people They will welcome you as part of a family. ”

5. Spiritual beliefs

Why do foreigners love Thailand ?

“Thai people will believe a lot in karma. Thai people will do good and do things that make those around them happy. Because they believe that the karma of good will bring happiness to themselves and the people they are involved with. ”

6. Language

Why do foreigners love Thailand ?

“I don’t know why I like Thai. Maybe it’s because it’s a strange language. And is a language that can be used for short conversations “(because Thai language when speaking will be able to omit the words)

7. Being present

Why do foreigners love Thailand ?

“Living in Thailand taught me to live in the present. Whether it’s an adventure with tuk-tuks, cars, motorcycles, people, everything taught me to stay in the present.

8. Learn to deal with Chaos

Why do foreigners love Thailand ?

“Thai people learn to live with chaos. And able to cope very well Whether it is traffic jams In the midst of the chaos, it cannot destroy the peace of mind of the Thai people. Thai people always have a word that says no-what-what ”

9. Acceptable to be whoever you want to be and you’ll still be loved

Why do foreigners love Thailand ?

“One thing I love about Thailand. Is that you will be loved and accepted. No matter who you are or what you believe The third gender will be treated equally. They are treated with respect Because no matter who you are You are human too And you deserve to be honored as well. ”

10. Cheap Living

Why do foreigners love Thailand ?

“I love Thailand where I can eat three meals a day, eat snacks between meals, and go for a massage once a week at a price that hardly reduces my money, and I like mobile promotions that can be played unlimitedly for only 400 baht per month.”

11. Beautiful Beaches

Why do foreigners love Thailand ?

“The beaches in Thailand are very beautiful. White sand and soft, clear blue water. Calm and gentle atmosphere As if it beckoned you to dive and see the corals ”

12. Moped and tuk tuk

Why do foreigners love Thailand ?

“I love taking a tuk-tuk from Khao San Road to go home at 2am. The road is open, almost no cars. Laugh with a new tuk tuk driver. As I said I like the lawlessness of Thailand. And the tuk-tuk is one of them. ”

13. Night life

Why do foreigners love Thailand ?

“Life in Thailand begins at night, while in my hometown, everything will be closed from 5pm in Thailand, you can walk, shop, night market, find street food, walk with beer in hand, laugh with friends and local people.”

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