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“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeing new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” By Marcel Proust – Study in Singapore

     Singapore is one of the most advanced countries and interestingly one of the smallest countries in the World as well. With limited space and natural resources, it is ranked one of the top leading economy countries in the World. Singapore has a highly developed market economy and along with Hong Kong, South Korea, and Taiwan, Singapore is one of the Four Asian Tigers. They are also a hub of Asia in financial and advanced technology. There is more than 7,000 multinational company’ s offices from the US, EU countries, Japan and approximately 3,500 companies are from China and India. The country is clean, safe and welcome all people for visiting, doing business and studying in Singapore.

An international country

     Singapore attracts a large amount of foreign investment because of its location, low tax rates, infrastructure, and anti-corruptions. One-third of its population are foreigners, which makes Singapore is an international country. They have 4 official languages, which are English, Chinese, Malay, and Tamil. People are highly disciplined. You do not get to see policemen walking around because there are city cameras everywhere and they are ready to perform duties at any time. Singapore has a high English proficiency, variety of food, multicultural, and loads of tourist attraction spots. Singapore is one of the most visited countries in the world. Study in Singapore could be a discovery of something in your life.

เรียนต่อประเทศสิงคโปร์ Study in Singapore เรียนต่อสิงคโปร์

High Quality Education

     Singapore is a hub of international education in Asia. Study in Singapore is so competitive and quality. Its government really invests and pays close attention to improve in its education standard and quality. The ministry of education is separated from other ministries to fully focus on developing their teachers and education standard for their students. You can see lots of summer group students from Asia during their school breaks for days or weeks. There are many good language schools that offer both English and Chinese courses in Singapore. English is the language of instruction in all public schools and all subjects are taught and examined in English as well. Singapore’s tertiary levels are highly competitive as there are only 5 Polytechnics and 4 universities that are public institutions, which are in high standard and high ranking as well. However, there are still lots of private and international institutions available. Study in Singapore is definitely worthy of investment.

เรียนต่อประเทศสิงคโปร์ Study in Singapore เรียนต่อสิงคโปร์

Exploring Singapore

     While studying in Singapore, you can visit its iconic Merlion, Garden by the Bay, Botanical garden, Art & Science Museum, Universal Studio, Singapore Flyer, Universal Studio, Orchard Road, and many more. There are lots of activities you can do after class and on the weekend. If you like taking photos, Joo Chiat Road, Fort Canning Park, Victoria Street, Jewel Changi Airport, Library@Orchad, LASALLE College of the Arts, Henderson Waves, Raffles Marina Lighthouse, Old Hill Street Police Station, Helix Bridge, and Haji Lane are highly recommended. Marina Bay is also a great place to visit. There are plenty of places to visit and explore.

Living in Singapore

     Even though Singapore is just 2 hours away from Bangkok and the flight is inexpensive, but the living cost in Singapore is in fact one of the highest in the World. Living in Singapore is convenient. The public transportation is excellent. You can travel almost everywhere by using subways and public buses. There are lots of shops, markets, groceries, restaurants and department stores for all local, foreigners, who live here, as well as visitors. There are China Town and Indian Town. Most people live in an apartment or condominium so you can share a room with them or find an empty room and stay with your friends. They also have a few good shared houses available and they have landlords to help taking care of your children. It is time to broaden your horizon of knowledge and experience by studying in Singapore.

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