Thai Food Dishes You Must Try

Thai food is one of the world’s great cuisines. It combines a variety of complex flavors and textures in several layers. The typical Thai ingredients include things like galangal (similar to ginger), coconut milk, tamarind, lemon grass, lime, basil, turmeric, garlic, Fish Sauce, Oyster Sauce etc.

Here is, our Top Ten foods to try in Thailand….

10. Por Pia Tord or Fried Spring Roll

Top 10 Thai Foods You Must Try

Fried spring rolls are a snack that is difficult to find. It is made from a batter wrapped in a stuffing made from a mixture of vermicelli, minced pork, egg, corn flour, salt, carrot, cauliflower, soy sauce, granulated sugar, vegetable oil, ground pepper, which has been mixed with vegetables and then wrapped in spring rolls. And fry Dip and eat with various dipping sauces. We like most of them use the boiled sauce. Giving a crisp, delicious taste like no other.

9. Gai Pad Met Mamuang or Cashew Nuts In Stir-Fried Chicken

Top 10 Thai Foods You Must Try

Cashew Nuts In Stir-Fried Chicken is to use the meat of the chicken breast to stir in oyster sauce with various spices. By adding cashews and stir frying It can be said that it is a delicious menu. Definitely cool if you try.

8. Som Tam or Spicy Papaya Salad

Top 10 Thai Foods You Must Try

Papaya salad is a popular food among Thai people and is also popular abroad as well. Papaya salad has many various types of salad, such as Thai papaya salad, crab salad, Korat, etc.

7. Moo Sa-Te or Grilled Pork Sticks with Turmeric

Top 10 Thai Foods You Must Try

Pork Satay is the introduction of pork hip. Come often with turmeric powder and various spices. Then put it on a skewer and roast it. It must be eaten with vegetables that are soaked with vinegar. With a special sauce of pork satay The taste will be smooth, sweet, fragrant, delicious. And if the more you eat it with vegetables that have been soaked with vinegar, it makes eating pork satay delicious and greasy as well.

6. Panaeng or Meat in Spicy Coconut Cream

Top 10 Thai Foods You Must Try

Panaeng is the best selling food in Thailand and is very popular for eating. Where the pork panaeng is made from Bringing the pork into pieces Come stir-fry with curry paste, add kaffir lime leaves, blue chili and basil and indispensable coconut milk. When you eat it, it will get a mellow, fragrant, sweet, delicious taste, popular with hot rice.

5. Tom Yam Gai or Chicken Soup (Spicy)

Top 10 Thai Foods You Must Try

Tom Yum Gai is a very complete food. Whether it is a seasoning or a spice, it is full on this menu, the more meat you add, the more delicious you can eat. It is a menu that is easy to find, complete with flavors, sour, sweet, salty, spicy It is considered another menu that Thai people are very popular to eat as well.

4. Tom Yam Goong or Spicy Shrimp Soup

Top 10 Thai Foods You Must Try

Tom Yam Kung, like Tom Yum Gai, is different just by adding meat. And some of them would like to make Tom Yum Goong, which is a very good match. Tom Yum Kung is a well-known food that is well known to foreign countries. And so famous that the movie was named as Tom Yum Goong as well by naming the movie Tom Yum Goong It is likely to convey a well-known name of foreigners and perhaps because it has promoted Thai food in itself.

3. Tom Kha Kai Or Chicken In Coconut Milk Soup

Top 10 Thai Foods You Must Try

Tom Kha Gai is a dish similar to Tom Yum Gai and Tom Yum Goong. Where Tom Kha Gai has coconut milk involved in the water, giving it a very delicious, sweet, mellow taste. Anyone who has a taste will be fascinated and will have to look for more as well.

2. Kang Keaw Wan Kai or Chicken Curry (Green)

Top 10 Thai Foods You Must Try

Chicken Green Curry Best Thai food that Thai people still like to eat this menu It’s an easy-to-find menu, and the green curry can be eaten with rice and rice noodles as well. With the flavor of the spices that contain coconut milk, it gives this menu a perfect taste. With just the right amount of spicy Because most foreigners do not like to eat spicy so much, it is a menu that is just right.

1. Pad Thai

Top 10 Thai Foods You Must Try

Pad Thai is an easy-to-eat dish with lots of spices. The more is Pad Thai with fresh shrimp It is something that fits very well. Where there are nuts mixed with tofu, spring onion, dried shrimp, radish egg, raw bean sprouts, and fresh vegetables, this menu is considered to be the number one place. I like eating this menu together.

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